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Information p agk 

For those who cannot attend 4 

For visitors 4 

Some places to visit 5 

. neral Sessions 


February 12 to 14 


College of Agriculture : University of Illinois 

Illinois Farmers' Institute 

Urbana - Champaign 



Vol. 43 January 12, 1946 No. 31 

Published every five days by the University of Illinois. Entered as second-class 
matter at the post office at Urbana, Illinois, under the Act of August 24, 1912. 
Office of Publication, 358 Administration Building, Urbana, Illinois. Acceptance 
for mailing at the special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of 
October 3, 1917, authorized July 31, 1918. 

Hi* OF (LL UK 





Information PAGK 

For those who cannot attend 4 

For visitors 4 

Some places to visit 5 

cneral Sessions 

Tuesday 6 

Wednesday 6 

Thursday 7 

Illinois Farmers' Institute Annual Meeting ... 6 

Homemakers' Program 

Tuesday 8 

Wednesday 8 

Thursday 9 

Production Program 

Tuesday, Animal Husbandry 10 

Wednesday, Soils and Crops 11 


Morning, Dairy Husbandry 12 

Afternoon, Veterinary Pathology .... 12 

Rural Youth, Rural Life, and Agricultural Economics 

Tuesday, Rural Youth 13 

Wednesday, Rural Life 14 

Thursday, Agricultural Economics 15 

Agricultural Engineering Program 

Tuesday, Farm Machinery 16 

Wednesday, Rural Electrification 17 

Thursday, Farm Drainage 18 

Identification of Speakers 19 

Members, Farm and Home Week Committee . . 21 

Notes 22 



For Those Who Cannot Attend 

Arrangements have been made to broadcast as much 
of the Farm and Home Week program as possible. 
Features to be broadcast are indicated by an asterisk 
(*) and can be heard over station WILL, 580 on 
your radio dial. 


Registration. — Every visitor is urged to register im- 
mediately upon arrival. There is no registration fee. 
Registration headquarters will be maintained in the 

Maps. — Maps of the campus and surrounding vicinity 
are available at the registration desk in the Audi- 

Meals. — Noon-day meals may be secured at the Mini 
Union Building between the hours of 11:15 a.m. and 
1:00 p.m. There are also several restaurants in the 
University area. 

Rooms.— There is a VERY ACUTE HOUSING 
SITUATION in Champaign and Urbana and rooms 
for overnight guests are extremely limited. All Farm 
and Home Week visitors who can possibly do so 
should plan to return home at night. Those who live 
too far away to return home daily should be sure to 
arrange for accommodations before coming to the 
campus. The University Administration and the Farm 
and Home Week Committee regret that they cannot 
take the responsibility for securing rooms for Farm 
and Home Week guests. A list of any available rooms 
will be kept at the Auditorium but we know that the 
numbers will be very small. 

Lost and Found. — Articles lost should be reported 
and those found turned in to registration headquar- 
ters in the Auditorium. 

Illness or Accidents. — Illness or accidents should be 
reported promptly to the registration desk in the 
Auditorium. First Aid service will be rendered by the 
University Health Station, telephone 7-1821. 

Publications. — Bulletins, circulars and other printed 
information of the College of Agriculture are on 
display in the Auditorium. Cards are provided on 
which requests may be made for any of the publica- 
tions desired. 

For identification of speakers, see pp. 19 to 21. 



Farm and Home Exhibit— (Farm Crops Laboratory, 
first Boor of Old Agriculture Building, southeast coi 
ner.) Special exhibit prepared foi Fort) county farm 
and home shows: colorful panels illustrating many cur 
rent problems facing farmers and homemakers. In- 
cluded in the exhibit is a model farmstead illustrating 
building and lot arrangements, construction plans, and 
landscaping; 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Agricultural Engineering Building— Display of ma- 
chinery and equipment for the farm and home; 8:00 a.m. 
to 5:00 p.m. 

Animal Husbandry Farm (South hirst Street) — Live- 
stock and poultry under experimental conditions; 8:00 a.m. 
to 5:00 p.m. 

Art Exhibit (East Gallery, Architecture Building)— 
The Teichert collection of important examples of rare 
Russian religious paintings on exhibit; 9:00 a.m. to 
5:00 p.m. 

Browsing Room (First floor, Illini Union Building) — 
Popular and timely books that may be read in restful 
chairs; 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Child Development Laboratory (807 South Wright 
Street, Champaign) — Where children of preschool age 
are taught under favorable conditions, for their own 
development and for scientific observation. Faculty 
hostess will be on hand to show visitors around; 9:00 
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Dairy Husbandry Farm (South Lincoln Avenue) — 
Herds of all the popular breeds of dairy cattle with 
facilities for their management; 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Horticulture Field Laboratory, Floriculture and Veg- 
etable Greenhouses — Flowers and vegetables in the 
Floriculture and Vegetable Greenhouses, research 
equipment in the Horticulture Field Laboratory; 8:00 
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Museum (401 Lincoln Hall) — Exhibits of art and cul- 
ture of many nations and two special exhibits: "Ori- 
ental Textiles" and "Lamps and Candleholders from 
Pre-historic to Present"; 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 
3:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

Soil Testing Laboratory (Room 218 Old Agriculture 
Building) — Open for inspection, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 m., 
and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. 



University Auditorium 

Tuesday, February 12 

3:00 p.m. 

H. P. Rusk, presiding 
Organ Music: John D. Morrison 

Introduction of Special Guests: 

Arnold P. Benson, State Director of Agriculture, 

Charles B. Shuman, President of the Illinois Agri- 
cultural Association, Chicago 

*Address: "Public Programs That Will Aid Agri- 

Noble Clark, Associate Director, Agricultural Ex- 
periment Station, University of Wisconsin, Madi- 
son, Wisconsin 

Wednesday, February 13 

3:00 p.m. 

E. W. Lehmann, presiding 

Organ Music: John D. Morrison 

*Address: "Atomic Power — a Chance for Lasting 
Phild? Morrison, formerly a member of the Staff of 

the University of Illinois Physics Department; 

now associated with the Manhattan Project, Santa 

Fe, New Mexico 

4:00 p.m. 

J. C. Spitler, presiding 
Illinois Farmers' Institute Annual Meeting 


General Sessions 

Thursday, February 14 

3:00 p.m. 

W. L. Burlison, presiding 
Organ Music: John D. Morrison 

♦Address: "America's Stake in Europe's Food 


H. C. M. Case, Head of Agricultural Economics 
Department. (Past year in Europe as Executive 
Chairman of Working Committee on European 
Food Supplies.) 


Lincoln Hall Theatre 

Tuesday, February 12 


Lita Bane, presiding 
Singing: Florence Kimmelshue, leader 

9:00 — * Looking Ahead with Illinois Homemakers — 
Kathryn Van Aken Burns 
Rural Youth: A Challenge in Human Conser- 
vation — Noble Clark 

DDT and Household Pest Control— 

H. B.* Petty 
*Safety Awards — Gladys J. Ward 
11:30— Adjourn 


Mary Louise Chase, presiding 
Singing: Florence Kimmelshue, leader 

1:00 — *Scientific Research Serves the Homemaker — 
Lita Bane 
What's Being Done in Research in the Home 
Economics Department of the University 
In Foods — Frances Van Duyne 
In Nutrition — Janice M. Smith 
A New State Plan for Speech Therapy — 
Severina E. Nelson 

3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 

Wednesday, February 13 


Frances Cook, presiding 
Singing: Helen W. Harless, leader 

9:00 — -Today's Meat Cookery — Marie Daugherty 

New Developments in Small Fruit Culture 
(Illustrated lecture) — A. S. Colby 

11:30 — Adjourn 


Homemakers* Program 

Wednesday, February 1 3 


Lulu Black, presiding 
Singing: Helen \V. Harless, leader 

1 :00 — The Relation of Price Control to Family Living 
— H. K. Allen 

♦Speaking Effectively — Mary Wiiiteford 

3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 

Thursday, February 14 


Dorothy I wig, presiding 
Singing: Mary McKee, leader 

9:00— * Judging the Plan of the House— 
W. H. Scheick 

Color and Design in the Home — ■ 
Ellen Hellstrom 

11:30 — Adjourn 


Anna Searl, presiding 
Singing: Mary McKee, leader 

1:00 — i\chieving That Smart Appearance — 
Doris Brockway, Ritta Whitesel 

*For South American Good Will — H. J. Fuller 

3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 


University Auditorium 

Tuesday, February 12 


Adjusting Livestock Operations in 1946 

]. L. Edmonds, presiding 

9:00 — *Livestock Numbers and Prospects for 1946 — 
L. J. Norton 
Beef Cattle — F. C. Francis 

Questions and Discussion 
Swine — J. L. Krider 

Questions and Discussion 
Sheep — W. G. Kammlade 

Questions and Discussion 

12:00— Adjourn 


J. L. Edmonds, presiding 

1:30 — Feeding Problems of 1946 — T. S. Hamilton 
2:15 — Livestock I Saw in France — W. E. Carroll 
3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 


Production Program 11 

Wednesday, February 13 

University Auditorium 



W. L. Burlison, presiding 

9:00 — Soil Fertility as a Prerequisite to the Newer 

Crop Varieties — A. L. Lang 
Newcomers Among Small Grain Varieties — 

O. T. Bonnett 
New Varieties of Pasture and Hay Plants — 


Hybrid Corn Performance, 1945 — 
G. H. Dungan 

10:00 — *Characteristics of Desirable Corn Hybrids — 


Best Soybean Production Practices — 

J. W. Calland 
Keeping Watch on Soybean and Corn Diseases 

— B. Koehler 

11:00 — *Up-to-Date Insect Information — G. C. Decker 
Weed Control — L. V. Sherwood 
Plant Food Requirements of Illinois Soils — 
R. H. Bray 

12:00— Adjourn 


F. C. Bauer, presiding 

1:20 — *Keeping Soil and Water in Place — 
R. S. Stauffer 

Tillage Problems — R. S. Smith 
2:00 — Boron Deficiencies — E. E. DeTurk 

Timber as a Farm Crop — J. N. Spaeth 
3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 

12 Production Program 

Thursday, February 14 

University Auditorium 



W. W. Yapp, presiding 

9:00 — Correct Milking and Mastitis Control Has 

Helped Illinois Dairymen 

Results Obtained by This Program in Con- 
trolling Mastitis — J. O. Alberts 

Farm Demonstrations — Their Value in Oper- 
ating and Expanding the Program — J. G. 

9:45 — More and Better Hay for Dairy Cattle by 
Forced Ventilation Drying — W. B. Nevens 

10:15 — *A Program of Artificial Insemination for 

Dairy Cattle in Illinois 

Scope and Objectives of Proposed Program 
— C. S. Rhode 

How the Technical Problems of Artificial In- 
semination Will Be Met — J. A. Henderson 

11:15 — *Factors to Consider in Marketing Dairy Prod- 
ucts in 1946-47 — R. W. Bartlett 

11:40 — How a Dairy Farmer Can Prepare for Post- 
war Conditions — W. W. Yapp 

12:00— Adjourn 


Jesse Sampson, presiding 

1:15 — *The New Veterinary College at the University 
of Illinois — Robert Graham 

1:45 — "Project 1046," the Illinois Program for the 
Control of Brucellosis (infectious abortion) 
in Swine — J. A. Henderson 

2:00 — The Relation of Animal Diseases to Public 
Health — J. J. Severs 

3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 




112 Gregory Hall 

Tuesday, February 12 


Clareta Walker, presiding 

9:00 — Registration, Song Fest, Announcements and 

Lincoln Hall Theatre 

9:25 — Rural Youth: A Challenge in Human Conser- 
vation — Noble Clark 

112 Gregory Hall 

10:30 — Panel Discussion: Pepping Up a Rural Youth 

11:30 — Adjourn 


W. M. Smith, Jr., presiding 
Song Fest 

1:00 — Panel Discussion: Better Business Meetings 
2:00— What's Ahead for Rural Youth 
3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 


14 Rural Life Program 

Wednesday, February 13 

112 Gregory Hall 



D. E. Lindstrom, presiding 

9:00 — *Problems in Rural Education in Illinois: a 
The County School Survey in Operation — 
Luther Black, L. V. Morgan 

How Can Schools Be Reorganized? — V. L. 

Nickell, Mrs. Carl Schmiedescamp, 

Charles McIntosh, John Cox 
Where Will Rural Teachers Come From? — 

Claude Vick, Reul Hall, Mrs. Howard 

Hodges, F. A. Beu 

10:45 — Library Demonstration for Rural Areas — 
Paul Noon 

11:30 — Illinois Rural Life Conference Business Session 
— R. A. Ddllinger, Chairman 


New Health Programs and Rural Life 

Benjamin Wham, presiding 

1:00— Why Do Rural People Need County Health 
Departments? — Benjamin Wham 

What Is a County Health Department and 
What Does It Do? 

Demonstration — Helen Frederick, Charlotte 
Rickman, C. A. Z. Sharp, H. P. Weeks 

2:00 — How Is a County Health Department Achieved? 
— Mrs. W. R. Goby 
3 : 00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 

Agr. Ec. Program 15 

Thursday, February 14 

112 Gregory Hall 



P. E. Johnston, presiding 

Q :00 — The Overall Economic Situation as It Affects 
the Farm — G. L. Jordan 

—Adjustments from War to Peace 

Changes in Size of Farms — J. E. Wills 
Farm Plans for Peacetime Production — 

E. L. Sauer 
How Grain Farmers and Livestock Farmers 
May Realize Maximum Returns from 
Grasses and Legumes Grown for Soil 
Improvement and Erosion Control — 
M. L. Mosher 

1 : 30 — Discussion 

10:40— Recess 

10:50 — The Land Price Situation — C. L. Stewart 

11:10 — Leasing Arrangements — J. B. Cunningham 

11:30 — Adjourn 


Can Farm Markets Be Maintained? 
R. C. Ross, presiding 

1:00 — Governmental Farm Price Policies — 

L. J. Norton 
Monetary, Fiscal and Foreign Trade Policies — 

E. J. Working 
Industrial Price and Wage Policies — 

R. W. Bartlett 

2:00 — General Discussion 

2:45 — Adjourn 

3 :00— ^GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 


201 Agricultural Engineering Building 

Tuesday, February 12 


A. L. Young, presiding 

9:00 — Electric Power on the Farm — R. R. Parks 

9:45 — New Types of Farm Machinery — R. I. Shawl 

10:45 — Labor-Saving Equipment on the Farm — 
R. C. Hay 


R. I. Shawl, presiding 

1:00— The Farm Repair Shop— A. L. Young 

1:30 — Hay Drying in the Mow and Stack — 
J. H. Ramser 

2:00 — -The Corn Borer Situation and Methods of 
Borer Control — H. B. Petty 

3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 


Agr. Eng. Program 17 

Wednesday, February 13 

201 Agricultural Engineering Building 



R. R. Parks, presiding 

9:00 — Panel Discussion: Mow Hay-Curing Systems 
— Frank Kingsley, leader; W. B. Nevens, 
J. H. Ramser, R. E. Van Hoosear 

10:00— Stock Waterers— R. C. Hay 

10:30 — Silage Dispensers — Dawson Womeldorff 

11:00 — Symposium on Farm Freezers and Refrigera- 
tors — E. W. Lehmann, leader; J. P. Bishop, 
H. G. Russell, Frances Van Duyne, Ruth 
D. Whiting 


E. W. Lehmann, presiding 

1:00 — The Modern Farm Home Electrically Equipped 
— D. G. Carter 

1:40 — Discussion — J. G. Waggoner 

2:00 — Electric Welding — L. J. Pickhaver 

2:30 — Barn Cleaners — H. C. Rutt 

3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 

18 Agr. Eng. Program 

Thursday, February 14 

201 Agricultural Engineering Building 



R. C. Hay, presiding 

9:00 — Round-table Discussion 

The Present Farm Drainage Situation in Illi- 
nois — E. W. Lehmann, leader; names of 
those on panel to be announced 

11:00— Illinois Soil Types Difficult to Drain— 
R. S. Smith 


E. W. Lehmann, presiding 

1:00 — The Relation of Farm Drainage and Soil Con- 
servation — O. D. Keairnes 

1:30 — Farm Drainage and Soil Building Practices — 
E. D. Walker 

2:00 — Drainage in Soil Conservation Districts — 
B. B. Clark 

2:15 — Planned Drainage Systems — the Requirements 
of Good Drainage — K. H. Beauchamp 

3:00— *GENERAL SESSION— Auditorium 


•Alberts, J. 0. — Assistant ProfCMOT, Veterinary Pfcthology tad 


ll. K. — Professor of Economics; Director of Bureau of 
Economic and Businesi Research 

'Hank, I.ita Head, Depai tnunt of Home F.eononnes 
•Bartlett, R. W. — Professor of Agricultural Economics 
•Bauer, F. C. — Professor of Soil Fertility 

Beauchamv. K. II. Soil Conservation Service, U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Belvidere, Illinois 

Benson, a. P.- State Director of Agriculture, Springfield, Illinois 

Beu, F. A. — President, Western Illinois State Teachers College, 
Macomb, Illinois 

Bishop, J. H. — R. H. Bishop Co., Champaign, Illinois 
*Black, Lulu — Assistant Professor of Home Economics Extension 

Black, Luther — Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, 
Springfield, Illinois 
•Bonnett, O. T. — Professor of Plant Genetics 
•Bray, R. H.— Professor of Soil Fertility 
•Brockway, Doris — Assistant Professor of Home Economics 
•Burlison, W. L. — Head, Department of Agronomy 
•Burns, Kathryn V. — Professor of Home Economics 

Calland, T. W. — Director, Agronomic Research, Central Soya Co., 
Inc., Decatur, Indiana 
•Carroll, W. E. — Head, Department of Animal Husbandry 
•Carter, D. G. — Professor of Farm Structures 
•Case, H. C. M. — Head, Department of Agricultural Economics 
•Cash, J. G. — Assistant Professor of Dairy Husbandry Extension 
•Chase, Mary L. — Assistant Professor of Home Economics Extension 
Clark, B. B. — State Conservationist, U. S. Soil Conservation 

Service, Urbana, Illinois 
Clark, Noble — Associate Director, Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 
•Colby, A. S. — Professor of Pomology 
*Cook, Frances — Instructor in Foods Extension 
Cox, John — Illinois Agricultural Association, Chicago, Illinois 
•Cunningham, J. B. — Associate Professor of Farm Management Ex- 

Daugherty, Marie — Director, Homemakers' Service Department, 
National Livestock and Meat Board, Chicago, Illinois 
•Decker, G. C. — Entomologist, State Natural History Survey 
•DeTurk, E. E.— Professor of Soil Fertility 
Dillinger, R. A. — Assistant Director, State Department of Agri- 
culture, Springfield, Illinois 
•Dungan, G. H. — Professor of Crop Production 

•Edmonds, J. L. — Professor of Horse Husbandry 

•Francis, F. C. — Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry 
Frederick, Helen — Supervising Nurse, Will County Health Depart- 
ment, Joliet, Illinois 
•Fuelleman, R. F. — Associate Professor of Crop Production 
•Fuller, H. J. — Associate Professor of Botany 

Goby, Mrs. W. R. — Chairman, Illinois Public Health Committee for 
Montgomery County, Raymond, Illinois 
•Graham, Mrs. Mary W. — Instructor in Speech 
•Graham, Robert — Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine 

Hall, Reul — Superintendent of Schools, Kankakee County, Kanka- 
kee, Illinois 
•Hamilton, T. S. — Professor of Animal Nutrition 
Harless, Helen W. — Youth Assistant, Shelby County Extension, 
Shelbyville, Illinois 
•Hay, R. C. — Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering Ex- 
•Henderson, J. A. — Assistant Professor of Veterinary Extension 
Hillstrom, Ellen — Interior Decorator, 1723 Webster St., N. W., 

Washington 11, D.C. 
Hodges, Mrs. Howard — Montgomery County 

*Iwig, Dorothy — Assistant Professor of Home Furnishings Extension 

1 Staff members, University of Illinois. 


20 Index of Persons 

*Johnston, P. E. — Professor of Agricultural Economics 
•Jordan, G. L. — Professor of Agricultural Economics 
*Jugenheimer, R. W. — Associate Professor of Plant Genetics 

•Kammlade, W. G.— Professor of Sheep Husbandry 
Keairnes, O. D. — Soil Conservation Service, U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

*Kimmelshue, Florence— Associate in Girls' 4-H Club Work 
Kingsley, Frank — Illinois Northern Utilities, Dixon, Illinois 

*Koehler, Benjamin — Professor of Crop Pathology 

*Krider, J. L. — Assistant Professor of Swine Husbandry 

*Lang, A. L. — Associate Chief in Soil Experiment Fields 
*Lehmann, E. W. — Head, Department of Agricultural Engineering 
*Lindstrom, D. E. — Professor of Rural Sociology 

*McKee, Mary— Assistant Professor of Girls' 4-H Club Work 
McIntosh, Charles — Superintendent of Schools, Piatt County, 

Monticello, Illinois 
Morgan, L. V. — Superintendent of Schools, DuPage County, 
Wheaton, Illinois 
♦Morrison, J. D. — Instructor in Music 
Morrison, Philip — Manhattan Project, P.O. 1663, Santa Fe, New 
*Mosher, M. L. — Professor of Farm Management Extension 

*Nelson, Severina E. — Associate Professor of Speech; Director of 

Speech Clinic 
*Nevens, W. B. — Professor of Dairy Cattle Feeding 
Nickell, V. L. — State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Spring- 
field, Illinois 
Noon, Paul — Director, Rural Library Demonstration Project, Illi- 
nois State Library, Springfield, Illinois 
•Norton, L. J. — Professor of Agricultural Economics 

*Parks, R. R. — Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering Ex- 
*Petty, H. B. — Assistant Professor of Entomology Extension 
Pickhaver, L. J. — General Electric Company, Chicago, Illinois 

*Ramser, J. H. — Associate in Agricultural Engineering 

*Rhode, C. S. — Professor of Dairy Husbandry Extension 
Rickman, Charlotte — Health Educator, Adams County Health De- 
partment, Quincy, Illinois 

*Ross, R. C. — Professor of Farm Management 

*Rusk, H. P. — Dean, College of Agriculture; Director, Agricultural 
Experiment Station and Extension Service 

*Russell, H. G. — Associate Professor of Animal Husbandry Exten- 
Rutt, H. C. — Public Service Company of Northern Illinois, Box 
278, Glencoe, Illinois 

*Sampson, Jesse — Head, Department of Veterinary Physiology and 

*Sauer, E. L. — Project Supervisor, U. S. Soil Conservation Service 
*Scheick, W. H. — Professor of Architecture; Coordinator, Small 
Homes Council 
Schmiedescamp, Mrs. Carl — Quincy, Illinois 
*Searl, Anna — Assistant Professor of Home Economics Extension 

Sharp, C. A. Z.— Health Officer, Will County, Joliet, Illinois 
*Shawl, R. I. — Professor of Farm Machinery 
•Sherwood, L. V. — Assistant Professor of Crop Production 
Shuman, C. B. — President, Illinois Agricultural Association, Chi- 
cago, Illinois 
Sievers, J. J. — Chief, Division of Communicable Diseases, State 
Department of Public Health, Springfield, Illinois 
'•Smith, Janice M. — Professor of Nutrition 
?Smith, R. S. — Professor of Soil Physics 

•Smith, W. M. — Assistant Professor of Rural Youth Extension 
* Spaeth, J. N. — Head, Department of Forestry 

•Spitler, J. C. — Associate Director of Extension Service in Agri- 
culture and Home Economics 
*Stauffer, R. S. — Assistant Professor of Soil Physics 
•Stewart, C. L. — Professor of Agricultural Economics 

*Van Duyne, Frances — Assistant Professor of Foods 
Van Hoosear, R. E. — Aerovent Fan Company, Lansing, Michigan 
Vick, Claude — Illinois Education Association, Springfield, Illinois 

Index of Persons 21 

Wagc.omk. i t. Colea-hfoultrie Electric Company, Mattoon, li)i 

'Waikm,. Cxjuucta [nttructoi la Rural ^ < m it u Extension 

momj i ictension 
'\\'aki>. Gladys J. -Assistant Profeaaor oi" Home Management Kx 


\\ 1 1 ks. II. w. s. mil. ii i. in. AJexandei Pulasld Count] Health De- 
partment, Mounds, Illinois 

Wham. Binjamin Chairman, Illinois Statewide Public Health 
Committee, 231 S. LaSalle St., Chicago 4, Illinois 

'Whitkskl, Ritta — Assistant Professor of Home Economics 
Whiting. Ruth D.— International Harvester Company, Chicago, 

•Wills, J. E. — Assistant Professor of Farm Management 
Womeldorff, Dawson — Public Service Company of Northern Illi- 
nois, Chicago, Illinois 
•Working, E. J. — Professor of Agricultural Economics 

•Yapp, W. W. — Professor of Dairy Cattle Husbandry 
•Young, A. L. — Associate Professor of Farm Power 


R. R. Hudelson, Chairman, A. T. Anderson, Vice Chairman, M. H. 
Alexander, L, E. Card, A. S. Colby, L. B. Culver, G. H. Dungan, 
Margaret Goodyear, R. C. Hay, Mrs. Mary Ligon, F. E. Long- 
mire, Jesse Sampson, E. N. Searls. 





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